Attempted rape suspect out of jail on bond, now wanted for violating ‘no contact order’

Joshua Young (Photo: JPD)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A man who was recently released from jail on bond after being accused of attempted rape is a wanted man once again.

Police said they’d issued a bench warrant for 29-year-old Joshua Young. Officers said he violated a no-contact order he was issued in connection with charges he faced earlier this month.

On September 8, Young allegedly broke into a 67-year-old woman’s home on Holland Avenue and assaulted her. He is also accused trying to rape the woman.

WJTV talked to her family again.

“It makes me think he is taking this for some kind of game or something,” said Tony Miller, the victim’s son. “That’s somebody’s mom he violated like that.”

The victim’s family says Young violated the no contact order by reaching out to one of them on social media. When Young was released from Jail on a $20,000 bond September 13, he was ordered not to contact the victim or her family.

“Well, of course, this victim is afraid of this individual as well as the relatives of this victim,” said Commander Tyree Jones. “He should not have any contact with her based on the alleged circumstances of which she’s being accused. As well as the nature of the case.”

Young lives across the street from the victim. The family is trying to move her to another home. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the expenses.

Anyone who sees Young, contact authorities.


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