What’s Working : 7-year-old Chef Andrew

MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) — The season is almost over for the Downtown Farmer’s Market in Madison. You have just one more Tuesday to head to the Red Caboose for delicious fresh produce and baked goods.

Chef Andrew Clark has been baking for about a year now. When you consider that he is only 7 years old, that’s a mighty long time. He enjoys it. He’s good at it, and he’s pleased to give us a tour of his kitchen.

Andrew Clark developed a taste for baking while watching cooking shows with his mom.

“We write with a dry erase marker on the oven when things come in and out of the oven, and so we can kind of learn and keep track of it,” said Andrew’s mom Kristi.

Sprinkled sugar cookies are a specialty.

“I like rolling them in the dough and sprinkles,” said Andrew.

Chef Andrew has his own booth at the Madison Farmers Market. His customers come back each week.

Andrew bakes for more than 6 hours before a Tuesday afternoon.

“We sat down, and he said, ‘This is awesome!’ And, I knew from that moment that he was really ready to put in this kind of work and pursue his dream and follow his heart,” Kristi said.

His mom helps with the oven and gas range, but the rest is all Andrew. Younger brother Charlie handles the tasting duties.

“We get a thumbs up or a thumbs down,” he said. “Something tells me, thumbs down are rare. ”

So what’s next for Chef Andrew? He has had thoughts of starting a food truck or launching an online baking operation. He mom has secured the domain name “The Chef Andrew.”

Chef Andrew would also like to be a contestant of the Kids’ Baking Championship. He certainly has the skills and personality to be a reality television star.

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