‘Working Together Jackson’ calls meeting with city leaders


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Some Jackson residents are losing faith in the city’s leadership.

That’s why “Working Together Jackson” called for a meeting Thursday with the city’s leaders. They discussed issues about infrastructure items.

More than 65,000 potholes have been filled; a water line is being replaced on Wooddell Drive, but taxpayers are worried about the future of the city.

Mayor Tony Yarber was put front and center to answer questions. Yarber said the city collected about $34 million with the 1 percent sales tax. However, critics are skeptical about the city’s current state.

“I will take a lot more than that for my faith to be restored,” said Peter Stewart, a Jackson resident. “It’s the people; it’s the problem. When the people change my faith will change.”

“The billing system has been one of the most atrocious implementation programs that this city has ever seen,” Yarber said. In 2012, the city contracted with Siemens. Since then, the Jackson water customers have been over billed, received no bill, or having issues paying.

“Number one, no one should be receiving an estimated bill anymore. We’ve cured that problem,” Yarber said. “Those who have received estimated bills that are over the amount that you should have received, we’re going to credit you back the money we owe you.”

Initially, the city started payment plans for those with outstanding bills, requiring a third of the bill to be paid upfront as a down payment. Yarber announced that’s changed.

“Our new payment plan allows our seniors to simply pay a $50 down payment on the outstanding bill. They have a year and a half to pay that plan off, while they’re keeping their current bill, current of course,” she said.

There is also a plan for those who aren’t senior citizens.

“They simply, we’re asking them to pay 15 percent on that outstanding bill,” he said. They have 18 months to get caught up.”

Members of the Jackson City Council were invited to attend, but none of them attended.

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