3 McAdams Attendance Center students taken into custody after school bus fight

ATTALA COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) –Three students were taken into custody after a fight broke out on a school bus in Attala County, officials said.

Superintendent Bryan Weaver said the fight happened on the bus Thursday while the students were on their way home from school.

We’re told that the students went to McAdams Attendance Center.

Arnesha Barron said her children was on the bus when the fight broke out.

“I’m just getting fed up but something needs to be done,” she said.

Weaver said the bus driver called officials after the student’s got to fighting. Deputies came on the scene to break things up. The bus was full of elementary, middle and high school students.

Barron said two of the students detained were her daughter and son. She claims her daughter was being bullied.

“You know my child not perfect,” she said. “No one child is perfect, but just for everybody to come together as a community to try to help stop some of this.”

Barron said she has reported problems with bullying to the school. Principal Jacqueline Sandiser said she has only heard of reports of social media bullying, but the school can’t take any action because it didn’t happen on campus.

School officials have not confirmed whether or not the fight was a result of bullying. The incident is under investigation by the sheriff’s department and the school resource officer.


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