Low hanging line on Ellis Avenue concerns residents

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — What looks like a low power line near Ellis Avenue has some people concerned.

“That line has been there I know for at the most, about two months.” said resident Gale Wells.

The line is hard to miss. It’s near Ellis Avenue near Highway 80. It’s even low enough for a child to touch.

“It’s really low over there and children, they are likely to just walk through and touch anything or pull on it or anything,” Wells said. “You never know what it may be in return when that happens so the best thing to do is to be safe at all times.”

WJTV talked to Entergy to find out if the company knew anything about it

“We were able to determine that that was not a power line,” Joey Lee said of Entergy. “It appears that it’s either a phone line, or a cable line. I can’t really talk to the danger that a phone or cable line poses, but power lines if they are carrying power are extremely dangerous. If people see them that low they need to call Entergy as soon as possible.”

“You don’t want to take a chance on hurting anybody so they really to come and take care of it,” Wells said. “I really think that something should be done about it. Someone should come out and put it up to where won’t be hanging down.”

WJTV reached out to Comcast and AT&T to find out who the line belongs to. We are still waiting to hear back.


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