Bullet hits Natchez school bus carrying football players

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — It was a scary ride home for a group of Natchez High School football players after their bus took a bullet.

Jackson Police are working to find if the school bus was the intended target.

“I was scared, I just stayed low,” said Travion McDuffie. He was on the bus when the incident happened.

A bullet went flying through a school bus window after Friday night’s game against Provine High School.

“He calls and says, mom! We’re still in Jackson I said you’re still in Jackson? He said that the bus had gotten shot at,” said Lazonda McDuffie, Travion’s mother.

“I was on the bus, we were leaving the stadium, we was on the highway I just heard something crash through the window, and everybody just ducked down,” he said.

Police said one or two shots were fired into the bus. Glass was shattered cutting three players. Janice Johnson said her son didn’t make Friday’s game, and she is thankful.

“God does everything for a reason, and I just feel that he was not on that bus for a reason,” she said. “He could have very well been sitting in that particular seat that the bullet came through.”

We’re told that Natchez High School was given a police escort for away games, but nothing could have prepared them for this random act of violence.

“Wasn’t nobody sitting there, but it was my quarterback seat, and it just so happened, he came back there to talk to us,” Travion said. “He got up in enough time.”

The Natchez-Adams School District is working to improve the safety and security. We’re told that Durham School Services repaired the bus.

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