Former JPD officer amends lawsuit against the City of Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A high-ranking Jackson Police officer has been added to a former officer’s lawsuit against the City of Jackson.

Commander Tyree Jones is the newest party added to the lawsuit by former JPD officer Tina Bianchini.

Bianchini claims that she was forced to sign a prepared resignation letter after a domestic violence situation. She also claims that if she did not sign the letter she would be fired.

The amended lawsuit claims Bianchini and Commander Jones were in a consensual relationship. The lawsuit also claims that after the relationship ended, Commander Jones “retaliated.”

The lawsuit claims that a position in the CSI division and detail work was promised to Bianchini.

In the lawsuit, claims are made that proof was shown to Chief of Police Lee Vance and he “shrugged” it off.

WJTV reached out to Chief Vance when the lawsuit first came out and subsequently regarding the amended lawsuit.  He says his comments still stand from the interview that he gave then.

Below is a transcript of the conversation:

REPORTER: In the lawsuit it says that she was forced to resign. Can you tell me about what happened with her being let go?

VANCE: The only thing I can tell you is that she resigned her position as a Jackson Police officer.

Was she forced to resign?

REPORTER: She resigned that’s all I can tell you about that.

WJTV also reached out to Commander Tyree Jones.

To view the lawsuit, click the following link bianchini-lawsuit-amended.


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