Repeat business burglar frustrates Jackson business owners

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Police are looking for a man they say may be connected to several business break-ins in the city.

There is surveillance video that police are hoping will expose what they believe to be a repeat intruder, once and for all.

“We are looking into similarities of the cases based on the fact that we believe that may be the same suspect,” said Commander Tyree Jones with the Jackson Police Department.

Management at the Beatty Street Grocery released surveillance photos showing what appears to be a middle-aged white male, balding at the top with a tattoo down his right arm.

He’s covered in some kind of grease or oil, and they say got inside the business in an unusual way.

“It is extremely frustrating, he left a mess here. He left grease all over the place. I had to get things repaired, I had to get the vents repaired, the alarm system repaired. That is money out of my pocket,” said Mary Hardin, of Beatty Street Grocery.

The intruder got in through the venting system in the roof, and stole money.

Earlier this year, someone also got in through the roof the Fenian’s Pub off of Fortification Street.

“It i very frustrating. We have been here for going on 77 years now, and I love Jackson in the surrounding area. I want to stay here and it is extremely frustrating,” said Hardin.

“It is very disappointing. People coming to the city of Jackson to do business and we like to have them here in the city to do that business. When you have criminals out here that don’t have any regard for these business owners, or the public as a whole, we find that serious and we take that personal,” said Commander Jones.

The police have not named that suspect; however, again at this point they believe he may be behind a lot of other break-ins in the city.

If you recognize the man you see in those photos, please call the Jackson Police Department at (601) 960 -1234.

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