Canton Mother Talks About Losing Her Son in Shooting

CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – A man has been charged in connection to the first homicide of the year in Canton.

WJTV has exclusive surveillance video of what happened Friday.

There was a crowd of people downtown Canton Friday night on September 30. 2016.

“It devastated me when I heard it, but I didn’t think it was as serious as arriving to that hospital and he was already dead when I got there,” the victim’s mother, Lahitia Allen said.

Police there tell us they didn’t expect any of this.

“Everybody was out having a great time, and all of us sudden, all of this breaks loose,” said Chief Otha Brown of the Canton Police Department.

Surveillance video shows the chaos that followed after a shooting in Downtown Canton Friday night near Hickory Street.

This shot of Peace Street shows that it was anything but peaceful.

Police say several shots rang out, 22-year-old Quintares Allin was killed, and Larry Brown Junior was taken to the hospital, after a shot to the leg.

“There were a lot of parties going on; there was just a big football game Friday, and this was the only incident that we had that turned bad for us,” said Chief Brown.

Police had been looking for Damian Hart.

Several witnesses named him as the shooter.

“I’m innocent,” said Damian Hart.

Chief Brown says he spoke with Hart’s stepfather at church Sunday.

“I spoke with him, and let him know that we were looking for his son. He said that he hadn’t spoken to him, but he heard that he had done some shooting. He said that he was going to try to get in contact with him, and get him to turn himself in. I’m assuming he did that because he’s here now,” said Chief Brown.

Police are hoping this situation serves as a lesson for others.

“This isn’t what I want for my city or any other city. Young people should be able to get along. At this day and time, they should be able to get along,” said Chief Brown.

Witnesses told police there was an argument shortly before the shooting.

Hart has an initial court appearance in Canton Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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