Shots fired during attempted carjacking; 1 grazed by bullet

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Police are investigating an attempted carjacking and shooting.

Neighbors on Shady Pine Lane say they woke up to several gunshots Monday morning.

“They shot through the house, through the TV, through the wall, through the kitchen. I mean it’s like 15, 20 shots that’s crazy.”

Bullets rained down on this home just as Monica Shannon was getting ready to take her kids to school Monday morning.

“The only thing I seen was the guy behind the car, shooting pow, pow, pow and then I grabbed the kids and ran to the back,” said Shannon.

She says her husband was outside when two men jumped out from behind the bushes demanding his car keys and when he refused, they opened fire.

He was grazed by one of those bullets but is expected to be okay.

“It’s dangerous for me to be here with my kids and someone to come out the bushes and attack us like that, that’s crazy. I don’t need that to happen again,” said Shannon.

Shannon says the dilapidated house next door has been vacant for years and attracts crime.

“It’s like a lot of squatters and people in and out and dogs and all type of stuff going on and people go over there and dig in the house for stuff,” said Shannon.

She says she’s called the city about the problem but nothing has been done.

“They came out here and said they was going to tear the house down but it’s still here and that’s been like five or six months ago,” said Shannon.

Shannon says the overgrown shrubs make it a perfect hiding place and she’s scared something like this could happen again.

“I want them to come out here and tear it down like they said they was going to do,” said Shannon.

A spokesperson with the city says they have a demolition case for 264 Shady Pines Lane.

She says these cases take time as they involve legal processes.

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