44 part-time crossing guard positions funded by City of Jackson

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — There are a few less crossing guards that will be funded this fiscal year in comparison to last year for Jackson schools.

The City of Jackson released to WJTV Tuesday the number of crossing guards that will be funded for the fiscal year 2017, which started Oct. 1, 2016.
There are five less part-time positions that will be paid. No full-time crossing guard positions will be funded.

The data shows that 44 part-time positions will be funded this fiscal year with an average annual salary of $5,512. No full-time positions will be funded.

In the fiscal year 2016, a total of 49 positions were funded; one of the positions was full-time, and the rest were part-time. Part-time crossing guards salaries’ were set at $5,681. The full-time annual position was set at $22,691.

WJTV recently talked with Chief Lee Vance about the funding issue.

“Whatever we have to do in lieu of or in spite of we’re going to do that to keep kids safe,” said he said.

A JPS spokesperson says right now, Jackson Police, campus enforcement, and staff will work together to protect students and JPD is in currently in charge of staffing crossing guards.

“We told people that if you speed through that school zone, you’re probably going to get a ticket. So we’ve had a presence in as many of those school zones as we could, and we plan on doing whatever we have to do, in JPD, to keep our kids safe,” said Chief Vance.

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