Colonial Country Club Land Back Up For Sale

JACKSON, Miss. – A new neighborhood development that was on it’s way to Jackson is no longer.

Back in April we brought you the story of a plan to restore the old Colonial Country Club, now we’ve learned the land is up for sale.

Colonial Country Club is 151 acres sitting in Northeast Jackson.

The club closed in 2014, and has since been up for sale.

Now just six months after developers announced a plan to revitalize the land it is being sold again.

“I don’t know what they’re doing with it right now. they have new signs up for sale everywhere,” neighbor Gene Finnegan, said.

It is back at square one for land at the old Colonial Country Club.

“It’s kind of relief, like you said to think about what they are doing, and it makes a big difference,” Finnegan said.

In April real estate agent Charlotte Smith told us the plan to bring retail space, homes and senior living to northeast Jackson was the biggest development in 20 years.

“I think it will be a shot in the arm for northeast Jackson, increase our tax base and give us new construction to sale,” Smith explained.

Recent calls to Smith and property owners in the area confirm ground won’t be breaking anytime soon. Some people like Finnegan, want to keep it that way.

“It’s so many of these people that like this quiet, and calm neighborhood, and that’s just going to disrupt it,” he said.

We are told the city did vote to rezone the land along with another review before the start of construction.

We have made calls to the developers to find out why the residential and retail planning for the land has stopped, and why it is being sold again.

At this time we are waiting to hear back.

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