Historic warship heading for Vicksburg

USS Memorial LST-325 tank transport ship sailed by group of veterans from Mediterranean to US, docked in Bahamas (Photo Credit: AP Images)

VICKSBURG, Miss. (AP) – A restored World War II amphibious warship will make Vicksburg one of its stops on a cruise down the Mississippi River.

The Vicksburg Post reports (http://bit.ly/2d0gF4i ) that the LST 325 is expected to arrive Friday after leaving Missouri on Monday.  It is the ship’s second trip to the city. The last visit as in 2003.

While in Vicksburg, visitors to the ship will be allowed to go on board and tour the vessel and look at its artifacts from other LSTs that participated in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

LST stands for landing ship tank; a class of 328-foot long, 50-foot wide flat-bottomed ships, capable of running aground and discharging 600 troops or military vehicles like trucks, jeeps and tanks to roll directly out on a beach.

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