Jackson’s 54th homicide victim found with gunshot wound, later set on fire

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A body is found tied up, with a bullet wound inside a Jackson house that was set on fire.

An abandoned home on Noel Street, just off Mill Street became a crime scene just after 9:00 a.m.

Police tell us the next step is trying identifying the victim and finding the killer.

“It’s time for some answers. It’s definitely time for some answers.”

That sentiment shared with a lot of the homeowners on Noel Street, but so far this case is starting off with a lot of unanswered questions.

“This is number 54 for the city.”

The 2016 homicide toll continues to climb for the City of Jackson.

Underneath the piles of rubble, and ash from a morning house fire, emergency responders uncovered a shocking find.

“Once the fire officials arrived on the scene and rendered the scene safe, they located what appeared to be a deceased subject within the residence,” said Commander Tyree Jones, Jackson Police Department,

The remains were burned beyond recognition.

The coroner couldn’t even immediately determine whether the person was male or female.

They did however, see that the victim’s hands were bound, and there was at least one gunshot to the head.

“It’s definitely a tragedy for whoever the family may be to the victim. I just pray that whoever did this will be found,” said Amanda Jordan, a Jackson resident.

Most of the homes on Noel Street are abandoned.

Police say the hard work is only beginning.

“Once the coroner arrived on the scene and determined that it was a gunshot to the head, that let us know that things were a lot more suspicious than they appeared to be from the beginning,” said Commander Jones.

“I have only been a resident in Jackson for six years and it’s getting ridiculous with crime. When I first moved here, you heard about things here and there you know, but now it’s just hitting too close to home,” said Jordan.

The body will undergo forensics testing, and investigators will check missing person reports as they work to name this victim.


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