AG Hood warns residents about credit card skimmers at gas stations

A credit card skimmer is found at a Pearl gas station. (Photo: Pearl Police Facebook Page)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Attorney General Jim Hood is warning residents about credit card skimming devices that have been found at several gas stations across the Metro.

Hood’s Cyber Crime Unit is assisting local law enforcement agencies that are investigating skimming at several gas stations.

The suspects have been attaching devices to fuel pumps that capture account information when a consumer swipes a card to pay for fuel.

Hood said the devices are almost impossible for consumers to notice.

Hood suggested some additional steps consumers can take to avoid being a victim:

  • Use pumps closer to the entrance to the service station or convenience store. Skimmers generally target the pumps that are farther away from most activity.
  • Pay with cash or pay the attendant directly.
  • If using a debit card, choose the option to process the payment as credit so that thieves cannot obtain your debit card PIN.
  • Ask gas station owners what safety measures they use and how often they check pumps for skimming devices.

Residents should also  to review account statements and check bank balances routinely.

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