Clinton sees decline in property crime after increase in police patrols

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — Clinton officials said statistics show a decrease in crime.

Police said they see the trend of a steady decline in property crime in the last three. They said the increase of police visibility of law enforcement officers in neighborhoods and business districts is the reason for the lower crime rates.

There has also been an increase in patrol related arrested because of increase patrol, officials said.

When it comes to property crime, in 2013, there was 308 reported incident. Last year, there was a total of 211. City officials said before 2013, Clinton averaged close to 300 property crimes a year.

Clinton police said there’d been an increase in enforcement related statistics. Since 2012, arrests for DUI, driving with license suspended, forgery, shoplifting, and petit larceny have risen. Officials said these arrests make the street safer.

Chief Ford Hayman believes that with the addition of the designated traffic unit in 2017, the department will continue to remove dangerous drivers from the streets.


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