Edwards homeowner: Trump sign set on fire in yard

Photo: WJTV

EDWARDS, Miss. (WJTV) — Edwards Police are investigating after a homeowner says a Trump sign was set on fire.

Police said it happened on I-20 just off the Frontage Road. The homeowner, E. L. Martin, said he woke up to his bus burned along with the sign supporting the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

He said he paid $200 for the sign. Authorities said they responded to the call around 3 a.m.

Martin is upset about what happened.

“Stupidity. Just plain stupidity,” he said.

Martin said the bus is $30,000 and also has been damaged.

“I have been here on this hill six years in this is the first time anything like this is happened.”

The police are investigating this as vandalism.

“It could’ve spread a little bit further,” Chief Torrence Mayfield ofEdwards Police Department said. “I think there’s still a sufficient amount of damage done to the bus at the sign was being displayed on.”

The investigation is not complete; depending on what they find, officers said the vandalism charges could be upgraded to arson.



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