Employees file multiple sexual harassment complaints against supervisor

RICHLAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Employees at a local FedEx shipping center say one of their supervisors has harassed them, and at times, demanded sexual favors.

WJTV’s Natay Holmes examined the complaints and sought answers from the company.

Shari Cooper-Wilson has been working at the FedEx shipping center, on Highway 49, for almost a year.

She says she enjoyed her job, but everything changed when she started getting unwanted attention from manager, Kelvin Bailey.

“He slid past me and his groin brushed up against me. That was not comfortable at all,” Cooper-Wilson said.

Cooper-Wilson says she took her complaints to FedEx human resources based in Memphis.

Percy Jones is a courier at FedEx. He says he was injured on the job. When a female driver asked to cover his route, she said she was also harassed.

“I had came off work. The next day she had requested my route. She was actually my relief driver. He told her that in order for her to have the route, she had to have sex with him,” Jones said.

An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report was filed by that employee, who did not want to go on camera. It says Bailey threatened to terminate the woman if she did not have a sexual encounter with him that night. It moved on to say she rejected his sexual comments.

WJTV”s Natay Holmes received four EEOC reports filed by employees. Two are under investigation. EEOC closed the other two cases with no finding, but permitted the employees to pursue the claims on their own.

Cooper-Wilson and Jones say after filing their complaints, retaliation began.

“Tampering with pay, they would cut hours and I would only come in and work maybe one and a half hours,” Cooper-Wilson said.


WJTV’s Natay Holmes reached Bailey by phone, but he did not want to comment. He instead referred us to FedEx.

The company sent this statement:

FedEx takes these allegations very seriously. We provide employees numerous methods for registering any complaints, and we investigate all claims. As a matter of company policy, we do not discuss internal personnel matters publicly.”

Cooper-Wilson says she’s speaking out because no one should have to feel this way in the workplace.

Once again, the EEOC closed two of the cases with no finding, but permitted employees to pursue claims on their own.

Those employees say they have not decided if they will take legal action.

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