State Volunteer Groups Bracing For Storm Impact

JACKSON, Miss. – right now emergency responders and volunteers are watching and waiting for hurricane Matthew’s impact.

One network is gearing up bracing for the storm hundreds of miles away from here in Mississippi.

“There are a lot of resources that are being pre-positioned, right now we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best,” Mississippi Voluntary Organizations Active Disaster President, Warren Miller said.

It has been an around the clock effort for the Mississippi VOAD, as they prepare for what Hurricane Matthew may leave behind.

“We know Mississippi is recognized as a volunteer state, we get a lot of practice unfortunately with the number of tornadoes, hurricanes, and the different events that we deal with and we rely greatly on our volunteers to help us,” Miller explained.

Over the next few days VOAD, the statewide network will partner with a number of faith, social service and emotional and spiritual care organizations.

Safety for the volunteers is a concern so the help won’t move in until after landfall.

“We’re encouraging for volunteers to avail themselves as the process moves forward there will be organizations that will be seeking volunteers,” Miller said.

Emergency managers are asking that you let the storm play-out before heading to Florida.

For more information on how to volunteer visit the VOAD site at

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