Video shows teacher dragging student

GREENVILLE,MS (WJTV) – Greenville police are investigating a video that appears to show a teacher dragging a student by her hair.

According to WXVT, the incident happened at Greenville High School in Sept. The teacher is seen holding the student down by her hair while another student is taunting her.  At one point, the teacher drags the student across the gym floor.

We’re told the girl is a special needs student.

Friday morning, Greenville Mayor Errick D. Simmons released a statement about the incident:

“October 6, 2016, the Mayor’s Office became aware of an incident that occurred between a teacher and a student at Greenville Public School District. The issue was one that raised concerns about staff professionalism and the safety and treatment of our students. As a parent of a student who attends Greenville High, I am deeply concerned like many of you. Rest assured that all impacted individuals are aware of this situation and the School District has already begun to take appropriate actions to continue its efforts to guarantee the safety, protection, and integrity of our educational environment. No students have been expelled and personnel matters will be handled in accordance to the law to guarantee procedural due process.”

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