District Leaders React to Greenville Dragging Video

GREENVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) — It’s a disturbing video that has people from all over the country reacting. A teacher at Greenville Weston High School is seen dragging a student by the hair, and it’s all recorded by another student.
It’s agonizing to watch, and hard to believe. In the video, a teacher is seen, in plain sight of several others, hitting, and dragging that student by the hair across a gym floor. A press conference was held today addressing the matter, and the district this is not the kind of representation they want to world to see.
“The district is totally shocked by this incident. That behavior is not something that we will tolerate in Greenville schools, and it’s not what Greenville public schools is known for,” Greenville Public Schools, Public Relations Specialist, Everett Chinn said.
Seemingly unaware, the teacher, identified as Linda Winters-Johnson is recorded for close to three minutes. The video was posted earlier this week; the interaction already has more than 3.4-million views.
“We believe in doing everything in the spirit of excellence, and that goes without saying as it relates to our parents, our students, and our staff,” Chinn said.
Many have called for the teacher to be fired. The district would not comment on her employment status, but they tell us they will take whatever steps deemed necessary to fix this.
“We will get to the bottom of this matter,” Chinn said. “Safety is number one priority in Greenville public schools, and we want to make sure that our children, our faculty, our staff, and parents know that we have a welcoming environment and that we want to make sure that we get back, and focus on the main thing and the main thing. The main thing must be our children.”
The district tells us they have sent support teams out to several of its schools. They are also putting an emphasis on professional development for staff.



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