Jackson neighborhood without water and with no warning

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –  A pile of dirt and a stream of water surrounds the area of Manhattan Road. Neighbors say this has been the sight since water was abruptly shut off on Thursday.

“I’ve been noticing problems since Wednesday night. When it is on, it’s squirting out brown water, and the pressure is real low. After that, it’s just completely off,” says one Jackson neighbor.

When asked if neighbors were notified by the city about the water shut off, one customer said, “I got a water bill that’s higher than normal and I don’t have water. I’ve been going to Planet Fitness to take a shower.”
“We do need the water in the area, and I do know we have some elderly citizens in the area as well. So I’m really concerned about them, more so than anybody else,” says Floyd Williams, Jr. who lives on Chastain Drive.

City of Jackson Director of Communications said Saturday afternoon a valve broke in the area and the repairs are taking longer than expected.

One woman says she received a “robocall” from the city about a boil water alert. “But there’s no water to boil,” she adds.

“I do understand that we’ve got some issues in the city that needs to be improved and hopefully over time those conditions will make it better in the city,” says Williams.

According to the city, water should be restored Sunday.

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