Copiah County couple speaks out about home invasion

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WJTV) – The Copiah County Sheriff’s Department is looking for a man who attacked a couple while breaking into their home near Crystal Springs.

The couple is recovering from the incident.

Both the husband and wife, who didn’t want to be identified in this story, were injured.

They talked to WJTV in hopes that others in the area take precautions to prevent this from happening again.

Early Saturday, October 8, 2016, a man and woman in Copiah County were attacked and robbed at home.

The woman says she’d left the windows in their sitting room open during the night and the robber removed the screen and came inside.

The room is separated from the main house and the woman didn’t know he was hiding behind this refrigerator until she unlocked the door, came outside and saw him go in behind her.

“He was wearing all black and had something white wrapped around his head with nothing but his eyes and nose showing.”

The woman followed the man inside…

“And he grabbed me and slung me into the den.”

Her husband was hit over the head three times with a hoe.

Then the robber started taking things.

First, going through the woman’s purse then taking guns and ammo from a cabinet.

He later went outside with the husband and stole a 2013 silver Toyota Camry.

The woman grabbed a gun and went outside.

“My husband grabbed the rifle and started shooting at him. Which was just a 22 rifle.”

Her husband hit the car several times and may have hit the robber as he lost control of the car in the driveway; running over bushes and losing part of the bumper.

“I want him to be caught and punished. I mean he took valuables from us that we had worked all our life for and worked hard to get. Then he just came in and took them for no reason at all.”

The Copiah County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the break in.



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