Staying safe at the 2016 Mississippi State Fair

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Seven arrests so far at the Mississippi State Fair and law enforcers are hoping to keep that number from growing.

There have been no major issues so far, and authorities say that’s in part thanks to an abundance of police and deputies throughout the event.

The idea is for law enforcers to stay ahead of any problems before they can even become major issues.

So far, things appear to be off to a decent start.

Victoria Louisville is one of the thousands of people headed to the fair this year.

“This is our second time coming it is fun. It’s nice to get the kids out and have a family day,” Louisville said. I definitely feel safe especially in the daytime. Just their presence here will help ward off the bad stuff,” said Louisville.

Like many others, she says seeing so many visible men and women in uniform, brings here comfort.

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason says the idea was to saturate the state fairgrounds with as many officers as possible, both inside the gates, and out.

“We looked at this plan before we started and we got together. We beefed up, and doubled up the manpower. I must say, this past weekend; no problems,” Sheriff Mason said. “We have had guys on the ground, and there are other agencies here also. And we are in cooperation with them. We have plainclothes officers out here that are able to spot problems before they start, and radio us you know to where the problem is maybe.”

Wednesday, October 5, 2016, a man was arrested after he was caught stealing a cell phone.

Over the weekend, three people were arrested for carrying concealed weapons.

“This is an enclosed environment, and we are the only ones that are supposed to have weapons, but we are trained professionals,” Sheriff Mason said. “We just want everybody to come and have a good time and know that you are safe, but those that don’t want to go by the rules, we know where we are going with you.”

The sheriff’s office will also monitor everything happening on and around the midway throughout the fair.

This is a breakdown of the arrests thus far:

Wednesday, 1 arrest.

  1. Stealing a cell phone.

Thursday, no arrests.

Friday, 3 people arrested.

  1. Carrying a concealed weapon
  2. Misdemeanor drug charges

Saturday, 3 people arrested.

  1. 2 arrests for carrying concealed weapons
  2. 1 petit larceny


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