Clerk Recovering from Overnight Shooting

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Police say a bullet proof window may have saved a man’s life Monday.

Two men used a high caliber weapon during an armed robbery overnight.

Police want them in custody before they can strike again.

It happened overnight at a gas station on Bullard Street.

Police admit they don’t know much about whom they are looking for, but they tell us finding them is a priority.

“At least one shot was fired. The clerk was struck as a result of it, and he did sustain serious injuries, but he’s going to recover,” Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones said.

A gas station clerk remains in the hospital Tuesday night after a scary encounter on the job.

“Well, of course, there are dangerous weapons that are on the streets of Jackson. They are in the hands of the wrong individuals. These individuals, as you can see who possess them, are creating havoc, and they are conducting themselves in reckless behavior with these assault rifles,” Commander Jones said.

Police say the men dressed in dark clothing were trying to rob the store.
They didn’t get what they came for, and they fired a shot on their way out.

The clerk was behind a bullet proof glass.

The gunshot was so intense; it penetrated the glass, ricocheting, and hitting the clerk in the face.

Police say that glass may have saved his life.

“The glass is designed to protect certain types of projectiles as we know, but again when you were shooting an assault rifle through a piece of glass; it may not be designed to stop that particular round. So without the glass there’s a strong possibility that that clerk may not be with us here today,” Commander Jones said.

WJTV talked to the clerks off camera; they appeared to be still shaken by what happened.

They say they are working to recover surveillance video from the shooting, but right now they have not been able to work the equipment.


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