Rep. Harper stops by WJTV to talk about 2016 Presidential Election

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – U.S. Congressman Gregg Harper is calling this presidential election the most entertaining one that he’s ever seen.

And told us he’s backing Donald Trump in his bid for the White House.

Congressman Harper who represents the state’s third district stopped by WJTV.

We spoke with him about Trump’s recent controversial comments about women in 2005 and he said they were indefensible and that he has apologized.

He also commented on the recent tweets sent out by Trump, calling Speaker Paul Ryan a weak and ineffective leader.

“If Donald Trump was to call me and ask for advice, I would encourage him to not criticize any Republicans that are out there; concentrate on going after Hillary Clinton and pointing out her short comings and tell us why he should be president,” said Rep. Gregg Harper.

He told us he believes the American people can’t trust Hillary Clinton due to the Benghazi attacks, her email scandals and issues with the Clinton Foundation.


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