What’s Working: Monroe Milton and his drones

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Scenes that were once only visible from a passing plane or helicopter are now just a drone flight away.

But, if you’re looking to make money from your drone video, you need to take an exam.

Monroe Milton III saw opportunity in the spinning propellers of his unmanned aerial vehicle.

Thanks to hours of study, he’s turned his passion for flying into a business venture.

It was late August when Monroe Milton headed over to the Hinds Community College Campus in Raymond to take his unmanned aerial test.

He had 2 hours to answer 60 questions.

Monroe remembers, “You got to know a lot, about clouds, weather, not just the drone itself, that’s part of it, but that’s only about 25% of it.”

The test costs $150 to take. 70% is passing.

Monroe advises, “Some of it is common sense, but the majority of it, you have to learn. You know, there is no guessing, they trick the questions up.”

Now, Monroe can fly his drones, he has several, for commercial purposes without having to navigate around a mountain of red tape.

Monroe says, “I do real estate. I do music videos. I do weddings, agriculture, private events, birthday parties, family reunions, sporting events.”

There is money to be made at the controls of a drone.

Monroe advises spending less than $75 on your first drone.

You’ll probably crash it.

After you develop a feel for it, spend a little more money.

Commercial quality drones will run you at least a grand.

Monroe sees it as investment.

He advises, “Man, I promise, the work you’re going to do with it is going to make that money back real fast.”

The drone’s day is here, so you might as well make some money on it, with the proper certification, of course.

Drones are forbidden from flying higher than 400 feet, that should keep them out of the path of any airplanes, and commercial pilots need to have an observer with them at all times.

It’s a field that as unlimited as the horizon.

Monroe says his favorite part about flying is the view of the world he gets from 390 feet up.


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