Jackson Police Anticipate Heavy Traffic Weekend

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance says his department is planning ahead, for what is expected to be a very busy weekend in the capital city.

“This weekend is a unique weekend. Jackson State University will be playing Southern University in football up at the stadium. The game starts at 6 o’clock.  Also, we have the Mississippi State Fair. That this is going to create is a very large traffic flow. The Southern and Jackson State game is one of the biggest rivalries that Jackson State has. It is not unusual for 50,000 people to attend that game. ”

On top of that, this weekend is the end of the state fair. Chief Vance says they could easily be as many as 100-thousand people going through the gates.

“That is going to create a lot of traffic issues because the path to the stadium and the path out of the stadium usually runs along the same route in the same part of I 55 that the fairgrounds does,” Chief Vance said.

Police are advising fans get to the game early and plan out alternative routes outside of the interstate.  Citizens are also urged to leave personal belongings at home, lock their doors, and be mindful of where you park.

“There are so many times when people go to these football games, or they will go to the fair, and they will leave their doors unlocked with valuables in plain sight. So please help us to help you not be a victim of crime. Park somewhere that is off the streets. You cannot leave your car in the middle of Woodrow Wilson because when you come back, it is probably going to be towed,” Chief Vance said. “You will see a large presence of Jackson police officers at both events. But please we don’t have 100,000 police offices so we need you to help us to make this a smooth weekend.”

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