Jackson police investigate theft at Ray’s Smokehouse and Grill on West Northside Drive

Photo Credit: Terrance Friday, WJTV

UPDATE: 10/14/2016 11:35am The owners of Ray’s Smokehouse and Grill are reviewing surveillance footage of an overnight break-in.  The suspects entered the building and allegedly stole all of the meat in the restaurant’s freezer.


Original Story:

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – Jackson Police are confirming a theft overnight from Ray’s Smokehouse and Grill on West Northside Drive in Jackson.

A Jackson restaurant on the rise is forced to close today after someone broke in, and stole cash and all their meat.

It happened at ray’s smokehouse and grill around midnight. While it is a setback, the owners say it’s only a temporary one.

“When I went to check my freezer, all my meat was gone. This morning I got a call from my driver around 7:12. He was coming to deliver my food, and he said it looked like we had had a break in,” Natasha Cayson said.

Natasha and her husband Ray  immediately called the police, and quickly realized that they were in fact broken into.  She got in to find the front door, and windows shattered. The back door kicked in, and the freezer wiped clean.

“They took all my meat, all my main meats for us to cook with. All my ribeyes, my pork-chops, my tenders, my chicken wings. They also even took some food that we had for a family gathering some gizzards and livers,” Cayson said.

You can see the two thieves here on the surveillance video. They sneak off to the side of the building, cutting wires to keep the alarm system from sounding. The pair ransacked the building, destroying the front bar in taking cash from inside the store as well.  They even stole a tip jar. The owner tells us they estimate a loss in inventory well over $1000.

“It’s very frustrating Because this is the second time this is happened. We left from out south because the same thing happened, and we come out north and the same thing,” Cayson said.

So right now there is a closed sign outside of the restaurant, but that same sign is telling of the tenacity of its owners. It also says we will return.

“Fridays are one of our biggest days, and it’s the game weekend. But this is not going to stop us. We might not be ready today but we will be ready tomorrow,” Cayson said.

The restaurant is also offering a reward for information that can lead to an arrest.





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