Local leaders react to North Carolina Republican headquarters bombing

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – No one was hurt during a firebombing at a Republican headquarters in North Carolina, but the FBI, and ATF are now investigating.

Local elected officials condemn the firebombing, but not everyone agrees with what presidential nominee Donald Trump is saying about it.

Officials say a bottle, filled with flammable liquid, was thrown through the front window of a Republican office over the weekend.

Furniture and signs inside the Hillsborough headquarters were burned.

Someone spray painted a swastika with the words “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” on a building next door.

“We will not be intimidated, we will not be cawed, and we will not be scared. We are not going anywhere,” said Dallas Woodhouse, the Executive Director, of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Leaders in North Carolina are calling it an act of political terrorism.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant condemned it as well, saying in a statement to WJTV that these types of actions have no place in a free and open democracy.

Republican nominee Donald Trump blamed the violence on Clinton supporters, something that Mississippi Democratic Party Chair Bobby Moak takes issue with.

“It sounded like he was laying blame to some group and that’s just misdirected,” said Moak.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has condemned the incident calling it horrific and unacceptable.

A Go Fund Me campaign started by Democrats has already raised more than $13,000 to help re-open the office.

“Certainly, I think it’s noteworthy that they’re taking the lead and doing that. I mean Republicans or Democrats, we all want to see this campaign continue for the next three weeks and then get over with so we can get about the business of governing our nation,” said Moak.

WJTV reached out to the state Republican Party, so far, they’ve not responded.

The co-chair of the Mississippi Trump Campaign says he wouldn’t expect to see anything like this in Mississippi, but it is a hit to our Democracy.


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