Yazoo County Jail guards arrested, charged for contraband

YAZOO COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Two Yazoo County Jail guards are facing charges that they helped smuggle drugs, cell phones, and other contraband into the jail for inmates.

And the Yazoo County Jail warden is shocked.

“It was shocking; I couldn’t believe it.”

Yazoo County Jail Warden Gary Edwards says he is still trying to wrap his mind around what he says he saw on jail surveillance tape.

“I heard about it, and then I saw it for myself.”

Edwards says two guards, Antonio Mays and Christine Cook, were caught helping inmates smuggle in contraband; marijuana, spice, tobacco, and cell phones.

He says someone would throw contraband over the jail fence and then…
“The officer, that was working with the inmates, would pop the door, let them out and then let them back in and we caught them on camera doing that,” said Edwards. “It hurts, but we got to do what we need to do keep this contraband out of the facility.”

Both Mays and Cook, were fired, arrested, and later bonded out.

WJTV was told they face introducing contraband and conspiracy to smuggle contraband charges.

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