Church members fed up with yearlong break-ins

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A church has been broken into close to 10 times this year and members of the congregation say they are afraid to even go into their house of worship.

They say this is something they are tired of reliving.

The most recent break-in was Monday, October, 17, 2016 and part of it was caught on camera.

Kathy Wilson walks through the halls of Oaks Baptist Church explaining the different ways their church has been broken into over and over again.

“I’m concerned that we will walk in on somebody and we won’t know that they are in here. Just our safety and I have never felt that way in this neighborhood. I grew up two blocks from here and I’ve never felt that way about coming over here for 50 years,” said Wilson.

When the ministers first got to work Tuesday they realized something happened.

Bricks surrounded by shattered glass served as evidence that an intruder was there.

Church members believe they spotted the man behind it on surveillance video.

You can see a man walking the grounds of the church Monday, before he goes towards the same window that was shattered.

“In one of the images, he’s looking up at one of the windows that he broke. Why would he be looking up that way?” said Wilson.

“We’ve had some computers, and different kinds of electronics stolen. It’s just kind of bothersome when you show up and you never know when you show up whether somebody has broken another window out or kick the door something like that,” said Jim Everett, the Pastor of Oak Forest Baptist Church.

The break-ins started almost a year ago and have not stopped.

On at least eight occasions, thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise has been taken, including desktop computers, laptops, printers, DVD players, and a camera that held special meaning to Kathy Wilson.

It belonged to her daughter who recently passed away.

“Just the sentimental value of that and they are just destroying our property. This is something I try to teach the kids to have respect for the church because this is God’s house and these people are coming in and the kids are seeing all of this to,” said Wilson.

“We are there in the community, to try to help. We offer children’s programs to help children in the community. Obviously, we are there to worship the Lord and you know, we are not there to do anyone harm in it; it’s tragic that we’ve got to a point in time in our country and our nation where people don’t even respect the Lord’s house,” said Everett.

The church has spent a lot of money on trying to make the church less likely to be broken into.

That hasn’t seemed to stop the intruders from coming in.

Jackson Police says they are investigating.

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