9-year-old actor from Brandon hits the big screen

BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – A local actor is hitting the big screen.

He has already been in three major films before he even turned 10.

Parker Hankins is a small kid, with a lot of personality.

At only nine-years-old he’s already made his debut on the big screen.

“I was in three movies. They are the Book of Love, Deep Water Horizon and Bad Moms,” said Hankins.

Over the weekend, he attended the red carpet event for the movie at the New Orleans Film Festival.

The Book of Love features some big names like director Bill Purple and here he is with actress Jessica Beil on the red carpet.

“Getting to meet the people on TV, I think it’s cool being able to do that,” said Hankins.

Mom, Brandi Hankins, says she’s happy to see him grow and experience different things.

“The experience has been great, I think, for Parker. It gets him more cultured. I think it gets him more with other friends that he gets to meet and different communities that he gets to be a part of,” said  Brandi Hankins, Parker’s mom.

Parker is in the third grade and one of the top students in his class but like any other 9 year old, he loves being outside.

“I like just being able to go to recess. That’s my favorite thing there,” said Hankins.

Parker also plays Division Two soccer with Pearl Youth Soccer League; he says he loves the sport and acting the same.

“It feels great being able to do two things at once, an actor and a sports player. So I’m probably going to be both when I grow up,” said Hankins.

Mom, Brandi, says Parker uses the money he earns from the films to buy his own soccer gear and video games.

She says she loves that Parker gets to live his dream as an actor but doesn’t want him to grow out of his soccer cleats and video games too fast.

“I think that being humble is something we try to teach him. I think the Hollywood part gets in the way a little bit but then we just bring him right back down to earth,” said B. Hankins.

Brandi says they have not seen Parker’s appearance yet in the movie Deep Water Horizon.

It’s in theaters now; they plan to see it soon.

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