Asking Siri: What should I be for Halloween

Photo: WCMH

COLUMBUS,Ohio (WCMH) — This morning you can have some fun if you’re still searching for Halloween costume ideas.

Just pull up your iPhone and ask Siri “What should I wear for Halloween?”

Several people asked the question, and here are some of the responses Siri gave.

Siri told one person that she thinks “intelligent agent would be an excellent choice.”

One person got the Fibonacci sequence. “I’ll go as your plus one, and your plus 2, and plus 3, and plus 5.”

Another Siri response: “You could go as an eclipse. Just dress in black and stand in front of things.”


And when another person asked the same question, she told him to be “whatever you’ve always wanted to be.”

What suggestions did Siri give you? Leave your answer on our WJTV 12 Facebook page or Tweet us your answer.

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