College students react to final presidential debate

JACKSON, Mss. (WJTV) – Students at Millsaps College piled into the college center to watch both presidential candidates square off in the final debate.

Most of the students are uncommitted voters and they were hoping to be swayed.

“Trump I think he gets with a lot of … no one has definitive taken my vote,” said Hamilton Armour, an undecided voter.

“I think we all saw a lot of the same and not promoting their own substance and polices,” said Bailey Bryant, a Republican.

“My vote is for Hillary because we can’t have Donald Trump as our next president,” said Thomas Ratcliff, a Hillary Clinton supporter.

WJTV also spoke to Nathan Shrader, a political analyst, and professor at Millsaps College; he shared his thoughts on final presidential debate.

“Just based on what we’ve seen tonight, I haven’t seen Hillary Clinton stumble in any way that would make people rethink their vote and likewise, I haven’t seen him really having that big moment where he breaks through to where people will reconsider him and the way i would categorize tonight will be a no net game for either,” said Dr. Shrader.

Whoever you like, Dr. Shrader says make sure you go exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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