Jackson gate ordinance passed but details are not finalized

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Neighbors in areas like Fondren want more control over who is visiting their subdivisions.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Jackson leaders said they’re still figuring out the details of putting gates up.

They’re looking for input from neighbors who are already raising money for this new security feature.

In May, the Jackson City Council approved an ordinance to allow gates to be installed in neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods first have to get 60 percent of the people that live there to approve it, then they have to apply to the city for approval.

But the city is still figuring out the details of this process despite having a law on the books.

“Because we got this legislation and to be very honest with you it’s been a nightmare to try to implement,” said Mayor Tony Yarber of the City of Jackson.

But some neighborhoods have already started planning for gates and raising money to pay for them.

Homeowners will pay for the gate, as well as insurance valued at $1,000,000 and maintenance after it’s up.

“Since y’all voted in May, there are a number of neighborhoods that have gone forward on good faith of 60 percent to go ahead with legal paperwork and accounting paperwork and they’re out there, spending funds right now and they’re not able to put in an application because the process is not set forth,” said Jim Wilkerson, a Jackson resident.

“It has the potential to improve quality of life and increase property values and I think we need
to handle this in a thorough way and make sure that everybody gets the chance to say their, to offer
their opinion,” said Ward 1Councilman Ashby Foote.

Neighbors hope the gates reduce traffic and crime.

Others are afraid that if their home isn’t inside the gate, it could hurt their property value.

“This proposal would gate my street, Ridge Drive, midway down the street and my home and others in the Woodland Hills Association and subdivision would be excluded from the gated area,” said Dick Dickerson, a Jackson resident that lives in Fondren.

According to the ordinance, the gates will have a push button for public access 24/7 and a fire box that would allow emergency crews to get in.

Councilman Foote hopes to hold a public hearing on this in the next week or two to iron out problems.

WJTV will let you know when the public hearing is set.

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