Surveillance shows elderly woman stealing plants in Clinton

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Surveillance video of a woman taking a plant from a store front in Clinton is making the rounds on Facebook.

The video is now catching the attention of several businesses owners who say plants have mysteriously disappeared from their stores too.

“They were saying the same thing around 4:00 in the morning, 4:30, they had someone walk up to their business front and take whatever they wanted and put it in the same car and took off.”

Beth Shore says she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what appeared to be an elderly woman taking her mum straight from her door step.

“Yeah, it was a little shocking,” said Shore.

Shore says when watching the video she noticed there were more plants in the woman’s backseat and that’s why she decided to put the surveillance video online.

“Thought about posting it, almost didn’t; but then I went ahead and did just to see if we could figure out who it was and if anything, we can just get our plant back. I had no idea it was going to be a big deal,” said Shore.

Her post received tons of comments; some from other Clinton business owners who said they had missing items as well.

“Well we decorated for the fall and we had a garland and they couldn’t get the garland down but they got the little hanger that had the berries and the pumpkin and fruit on it,” said Shore.

Several store fronts in one shopping center were hit as well.

“I just wanted to get our one plant back and I know it seems pretty petty; I’ve read a lot of the messages from people. A lot of good, a lot of some bad and some people are saying it’s just a flower let it go or whatever. But what we’ve come to find out is it’s not just a flower, it seems to be multiple flowers at multiple business over multiple years,” said Shore.

Both Shore and Carol Norman say it’s not the money; it’s the principle of the matter.

“I personally feel sorry for the person doing it but they shouldn’t be allowed just to keep on because apparently this is a habit,” said Norman.

A spokesperson with the Clinton Police Department urges anyone that has a suspected crime to report to go to them before posting on social media.

Police say the woman in the video has been charged with petty larceny.

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