MDE releases school ratings for each district

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) —  The Mississippi Department of Education has released the school grades for each district in the state for the 2015-2016 school year.

The accountability results were released Thursday and officials talked about during the board meeting.

A total of 19 school districts are failing in the state, including Jackson Public Schools.

There were 14 districts with an A, 39 districts received a B, 36 districts received a C, and 35 districts received a D.

School districts excelling in the Metro:The Rankin County School District, Madison County School District, and the Clinton Public School districts all received an A.

Pearl School District received a B.

Below is a list of some of the grades for the districts in the Metro:

  • Rankin County School District – A
  • Madison County School District – A
  • Clinton Public School District – A
  • Pearl Public School District – B
  • Scott County School District – B
  • Kosciusko School District – C
  • Hinds County School District – C
  • Forest Municipal School District – C
  • Simpson County School District – C
  • Copiah County School District – C
  • Yazoo County School District – D
  • Hazlehurst City School District – D
  • Vicksburg-Warren School District – D
  • Leake County School District – D
  • Yazoo City Municipal School District – F
  • Natchez-Adams School District – F
  • Holmes County School District – F
  • Canton Public School District -F
  • Jackson Public School District – F

Click here to see results for all school districts and a break down for each school.

Board of Trustees President Beneta Burt released a statement on Jackson’s failing grade on behalf of the school district.

The Jackson Public School District is disappointed about the downgrade to its letter grade based on the results from the Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP). Despite the inconsistency of state testing over the past three years, increased rigor of the MAP tests, combined with changed standards for what is considered a passing school and a failing school, we expected to perform much better.

However, there are still reasons for optimism. For example, 27.4 percent of our schools are rated C or above. This is a clear illustration that our students are capable of excelling on the new assessments. We are very proud of those 16 schools. We congratulate Baker Elementary, Davis Magnet IB Elementary, Power APAC Elementary and Bailey APAC Middle School for exemplifying academic excellence as A schools. We will build on their success and share their best practices among our schools. The administration is working closely with all of our schools to identify areas that we can improve and implement innovative strategies to increase academic achievement.

The remaining data is glaring. To go from a District with only 3.5 percent of its schools labeled F to 36.2 percent, is indeed significant and a number that is not acceptable. We are still analyzing the data to pinpoint what happened, but we know that 24 percent of our schools increased at least one letter grade from last year. We also know that 40 percent of our schools dropped at least one letter grade.

As Board members, we have the fiduciary responsibility to our students, parents, taxpayers and community to hold the administration accountable for these results. Therefore, the Board plans to hold an October 28, 2016, meeting to evaluate the superintendent and our leadership team to discern what happened, and how the administration plans to improve student performance. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Board room located at 621 South State Street.
I believe our teachers are our strengths. I am confident that they, along with all other JPS employees will rise to the occasion.

Beneta Burt, President
Board of Trustees


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