Neighbors upset about sinking bridge, dilapidated homes near Lindsey Drive

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Neighbors in West Jackson are concerned about what they call a decline in their neighborhood.

They are upset about a sinking bridge and dilapidated houses in the area.

“There’s just been a major concern with the upkeep of this neighborhood.”

Tresia Harvey has been living in the area for 10 years. She said it’s sad to see how the neighborhood is declining.

“It was a military base, at one point in time, 30 years ago. And to see the changes in 10 years it’s just really devastating,” Harvey said.

Near the corner of Lindsey Drive and Chennault sits a bridge over Lynch Creek, but the asphalt appears to be sinking in and shifting away from the bridge.

“Cars have to jump over each other, playing Tic-Tac-Toe trying to avoid this sink in the bridge. I mean it’s a big sink, Harvey said.

“Two cars at a time cannot pass,” Carolyn Trim said, another neighbor. “You have to pull over and wait until the other cars pass in order to miss the whole.”

Trim has been living in this neighborhood for 30 years. She says she’s called the city numerous times about the bridge.

“I’ve been calling in for the last four months,” she said. “I have case numbers on this incident as far as the street. Nothing has been done about it. You come through here at night; sometimes the signs are down sometimes they are up.”

Neighbors are also concerned with the number of dilapidated houses.
“They still want to charge us high taxes on our property, but our property value is declining because of the houses around us.”

Harvey said she would like to buy some under the city’s neighbors first program, to clean up the area, but she has run into problems.
“They are either telling you hey it’s got to be right next door to you, Or you need to check with this department. If they’re going to take care of it and they live here, let them buy it.”

WJTV reached out to the City of Jackson to see if the bridge is on the schedule to get fixed soon and to find out the process for buying homes under the Neighbors First Program. We are still waiting for a response.

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