Deputy allegedly stabbed with needle during arrest

Don Summerlin Source: Rankin County Sheriff's Department

FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) –  A Rankin County deputy is stabbed with a needle while trying to arrest a man in Florence.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey says his men were responding to a domestic dispute on White Road.

There were complaints that 39-year-old Don Summerlin was “acting dangerous” (sic) and threatening others.

Bailey says Summerlin left before deputies arrived. He was spotted and stopped on White Road.

Authorities say Summerlin acted like he was going to flee then reversed his vehicle into a patrol car.

That’s when he was tased and arrested.

During the arrest, Summerlin pulled out a hypodermic needle and stabbed the officer, according to Bailey.

The deputy will be taken to a local hospital for testing and treatment if needed.

Summerlin is charged with simple assault on LEO, disorderly conduct, and possible DUI other substance.


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