Mississippi State University Adopts Official Cowbell

Calhoun City, Miss – Cowbells are a huge part of Mississippi State and this year the school has made history by adopting an official brand for their beloved metal noisemakers.

It’s a tradition, a metallic sound ringing true to Mississippi State University.

Now for the first time in school history there is an official cowbell.

“It just has a deeper, richer ring to it and it’s louder,” Head Ringer, Chuck Lovorn said.

Back in may Lovorn inked a 3-year deal with the Learfield property management team for Mississippi State athletics, making Year of The Cowbell a licensed product.

“What Chuck has been able to do in Year of The Cowbell is to take a cowbell from a finished product that is officially licensed, so the marks are going to be exactly what Mississippi State approves,” Associate General Manager for Bulldog Sports Properties, Ann Brett Gillespie Strickland said.

“We certainly appreciate all the hard work of all the people that have been doing cowbells for so long, and it’s kind of on that, that we kind of move the ball down the field,” Lovorn said.

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