Mississippi State’s Favorite Puppy On The Job

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Jak is two-years-old and he’s in his sophomore season as the Mississippi State bulldog mascot.

“Everything is new and exciting to him, and he thinks that the world loves him so everyone is supposed to pet him,” Bully’s mom, Lisa Pritchard said.

The pup’s official A.K.C registered name is “Cristil’s Golden Prince” or Jak for short. He is named for the late Jack Cristil, a long time sports broadcaster for Mississippi State athletics and like his namesake he is quite a celebrity.

“He loves it, he loves to travel, he loves the people, he’ll sit and watch the football game,” Pritchard said.

Jak took over as the school’s 21st mascot in April 2015, when his father Champ was retired. Champ died this year after serving as mascot for eight years.

“It was really tough, I was of course devastated,” Pritchard explained.

“I mean he was a great mascot he experienced I think he’s the most winningest mascot in school history, he experienced being number 1 in the country,” Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, Dak Prescott said. “It’s definitely sad, but I mean Jak’s coming along now.”

Now Jak may be bigger than Champ was full grown, and his color is different from father’s but the mission is still the same.

“The minute I put this leather harness on them, it’s just like oh wait–I have a job to do, I’m supposed to be professional, I’m supposed to be at my best,” Pritchard said.

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