Big brother turns hero when he sees sibling hit by SUV

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –  Jackson Police are still searching for the driver who didn’t stop after hitting a five-year-old boy, Saturday evening.

“I ran and got him out the street,” says Jaylen Denson, the victim’s big brother and now a hero after an SUV sent his younger brother, Pat, sliding across the ground.

“I thought he was going to stop but he kept on going,” says Treyvughn Kirk, Pat’s cousin who also witnessed the incident.

It happened at the intersection of Lake Forest Drive and Forest Avenue. The boys say about ten children from the apartment complex went to visit a neighbor’s house. The entrance to her neighborhood is less than a hundred yards from the complex.

“We watch where we were going, but we went ahead and crossed because the car, it was way down there. But it started to speed up,” says Kirk.

Witnesses say the driver of the maroon and purple Chevy Trailblazer didn’t even hesitate to stop.

Bobbie Lockhart lives in the same apartment complex as the children. “It’s shocking to me because I’m always out watching the kids and I always keep a bunch of them at my house. And I always tell them to be careful when they going around through there to go to the candy lady because it’s not a very wide street at all”

Pat’s mom says he only suffered minor injuries, but the children say they’ve learned a valuable lesson. “Well, we’re about to stop walking to the candy lady and stuff like that now.”




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