Jackson City Councilman asking for $2M for JPD

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson City Councilman Kenny Stokes announced today he plans to ask the council for $2 million to give to the Jackson Police Department.

Stokes wants the department to use the money to help with overtime pay for officers.

“With the number of officers that we have, we must work overtime. It’s we go into the holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Dr. Martin Luther King. We need to make sure the citizens are safe,” says Stokes.

The Ward 3 councilman says the city has $5.9 million in the fund balance.

Every city department has made changes in budgets such as hiring freezes and even furloughs.

Stokes is set to propose the increase in Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Councilman Ashby Foote told WJTV, “Well the city council does control the purse strings but such things usually go through the budget process. I look forward to his rationale for such a move at this time.”

The Jackson Police Department even responded to Stoke’s proposal: Chief Vance said he appreciates the support of Councilman Stokes regarding the increase. However, any questions regarding the budget should be referred to the Mayor’s office.

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