23 shell casings found at Tchula house after home invasion

TCHULA, Miss. (WJTV) — Tchula Police are looking for at least three people involved in a home invasion over the weekend.

Dozens of shots were fired in the home.

Chief Kenneth Hampton said two suspects got inside by kicking in the door.

“They were sleeping,” he said. “They heard the door get kicked in and he met with them eye to eye.”

The homeowner was inside the home with his girlfriend and 3-year-old child. The suspects ran out after seeing the homeowner in the hallway.

“They were spooked by the father,” he said. “Then the father went into protective mode and got his family down as the bullets went into the house.”

Chief Hampton says he believes at least one other suspect was waiting outside in a car. They all got away. Hampton said officers collected 23 shell casings inside and outside of the home.

The couple and their toddler were untouched.
Chief Hampton says they are looking for a light-colored Pontiac G6 with chrome rims. If you have any information, call the police.

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