Welcome to the world Michael Fulton Jones, III

WJTV's Brittany Noble-Jones gives birth to healthy baby boy

Photo: Brittany Noble-Jones

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — He’s here! Baby Jones has arrived.

WTJV’s Brittany Noble-Jones and her husband Michael have a beautiful baby boy. She gave birth on Friday, October 21.

Michael Fulton Jones, III came into the world at 3:58 p.m. weighing five pounds and 11 ounces. He is 18 inches long.

If you noticed that Brittany seemed a bit uncomfortable during the Morning show Friday, it was because she was in labor– and didn’t even know it! Brittany started having contractions while on set.

Little Michael came as a surprise; he was a few weeks early. Both mom and baby are doing well. This is the couple’s first child.

Brittany and her husband Mike talk about the events that led up to the delivery in this YouTube video. It’s quite funny! You can view it below.

Congratulations Brittany and Mike!


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