Brittany Noble-Jones brings baby Michael Fulton Jones, III home

Photo: Justin Burks, WJTV

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – WJTV anchor Brittany Noble-Jones brought her bundle of joy, Michael Fulton Jones, III, home with proud dad Michael by their side.

WJTV videographer Justin Burks captured the Jones family leaving the hospital. Michael Fulton Jones, III was born on Friday, October 21, 2016.

Brittany shared in her own words the story behind her pregnancy. It wasn’t an easy one, especially since doctors once told her that she wouldn’t be able to have children.

“I went into labor while I was on TV on Friday,” she said. “I had no idea. I knew I was in pain, and I’m always in pain at work if viewers can notice. I’ve been having horrible back pain, and it has been difficult to get through the show, but Friday was especially difficult.”
“I was walking around the newsroom and telling the photographers, Quinn and Justin, I said somebody needs to take me to the hospital.”

“Andrew Harrison told me that they could take me in the mobile weather lab. I kind of thought that was funny. He was able to keep me calm.That afternoon we had Baby J.”

“It was very scary, cause I did have a C-section. I had some problems with fibroids.”

“A couple of weeks after I got married in 2014, I went to the hospital for pains. There again, I didn’t know how serious it was. And I had appendicitis. And so the doctor took me right into the O.R. to take it out because he was scared that it was gonna rupture.”

When he came back, she said the surgery went well, but your uterus is the largest uterus that I’ve seen in a person that’s your size.

I’m always working to get answers.

She told me, ‘Hey look I hate to be the one to tell you this. You will never have kids. There are just way too many fibroids in here. I’m sorry, I’m sorry to be the one.’ She was like there are other ways to have kids.”

Brittany said the doctor told her this doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

“But for me, it was the end of the world,” she said.

Brittany had 10 fibroids removed.

“We went back to the doctor’s office for the check up before we left for Mississippi. And the doctor said okay I got them out. Y’all need to start having kids,” she said.

Brittany said Baby Jones is a blessing.

“We came down to Mississippi and found out I was pregnant. And even that was a blessing. And every week that would go by, I just considered myself blessed because I didn’t think that I’d be able to carry a child, let alone have one.”

35 weeks later, Michael Fulton Jones, III was born.

Her husband Michael is overjoyed.

“It feels good and proud to be able to keep the legacy going,” he said.

“A legacy that actually started here in Mississippi. We originated in Utica, Mississippi. So his middle name, Fulton, was actually named after his, what would it be, his great, great, grandfather. Who’s from Mississippi.”

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