State leaders comment on 2016 presidential race

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Economic Council hosted the 15th Annual Hobnob.

Leaders in business and politics gathered at the Mississippi Coliseum today where state leaders weighed in on the presidential race.

While on the stage, state leaders focused on Mississippi issues but backstage the upcoming November 8th election was front and center.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has recently and repeatedly said that the election is ‘rigged’; Governor Phil Bryant was asked about recent comments he made about the possibility of a rigged election.

“I said it has been designed sometimes if you look at the Electoral College to favor the states like New York, California others in the population areas. So, if you can capture those states more than likely you can capture the presidency,” said Governor Bryant.

“To have this idea that somehow it’s rigged and you’re making up excuses that affects our constitutional system in this country and that’s why we’ve been so successful because we do, if you lose you lose. That’s it,” said Attorney General Jim Hood.

Attorney General Hood says he’s prosecuted less than 20 cases of voter fraud since he’s been in office for nearly 12 years.

“I remember in one case they were paying voters up there to go on in and vote. It wasn’t fraud like they were presenting themselves as if they’re someone else. It’s usually absentee ballots. Early voting is what we need. You have it better secured people come in, they vote early before the election, you identify them and the absentee is where the problems are,” said Attorney General Hood.

Congressman Gregg Harper was even on hand at the hobnob; responding to a letter written by Congressman Bennie Thompson to the Department of Homeland Security regarding Trump’s comments about a rigged election fueling militia groups.

“Militia groups are already mobilizing to recruit new members based on the possibility of a Trump loss and some Trump supporters have begun raising the possibility of a civil war or race war in the event Trump is defeated,” said Congressman Thompson.

“Congressman Thompson has his own agenda. We know this. He has a responsibility on that committee. We have a responsibility as a Congress to make sure this country is protected,” said Congressman Harper.

Polls open at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday November 8, 2016 and as a reminder voters are not supposed to take pictures with or of a ballot with your votes.

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