Creepy clown craze: Clown costumes selling fast in stores

Clown costumes banned in Kemper County

(WJTV) — It may be funny to some, but Kemper County leaders aren’t clowning around.

After reports of sinister looking clowns, some holding weapons started popping up across the county leaders in this small decided to ban the costume all together.

However, not everyone agrees with the approach.

“I believe it’s bad,” said Leroy Griffen Jr. “They may not think so, but I believe it before they ban it they should have talked around with some citizens and get they opinions.”

“So many of the officials are getting into the constitution of everything and just tearing it up we’re losing all of our rights.”

WJTV reached out to the Board of Supervisors in Kemper County, but they declined to comment on the matter except to say the ban will end November 1. Anyone who violates it will face a $150 fine.

However, That’s not affecting sales in Halloween stores in Jackson.

“Clowns have sold out I’ve reordered about three times now.”

John Wood with the Halloween Headquarters said he’s never seen this sort of gravitation towards clown costumes.

“We thought we were going to drive sales and we started stocking up and once we started stocking up on masks and different things of that nature we reordered I’m on my third order I’m out of wigs right now, and the masks are pretty slim,” he said.

But the costume doesn’t come without fair warning.

“Everybody that walks in has somebody in that background that says oh you’re going to get shot by getting that costume.”

“And I say you’re right somebody is going to get shot if they act stupid and crazy someones going to get shot and we just need to calm down the rhetoric and don’t chase the kids with the clown costumes.”

Last month, Tchula Police Chief Kenneth Hampton spotted someone wearing a clown costume holding what appeared to be a machete.

“Let’s just say there are a lot of boots in Tchula and he could be on the receiving end of several of them,” Chief Hampton said.

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