Rankin County deputy runs off roadway during chase; 1 arrested, meth confiscated

Leigh Ann Jackson (Photo: Rankin County Sheriff's Office)

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Law enforcement officers were involved in a high-speed chase Friday morning. One deputy ran off the road during the chase and hit a tree stump.

24-year-old Leigh Ann Jackson was arrested.

The chase started in the Leesburg Community of Rankin County and ended in Madison County.

Photo: Rankin County Sheriff’s Office

Officials said a resident found an abandoned purse on the side of the road near Leesburg Road and J.C. Prestage Road. The purse given to a Rankin County Constable and they found meth inside the purse. The constable turned the purse into the sheriff’s department.

Deputies determined that the purse belonged to Jackson. Authorities contacted Jackson and told her she could come and pick up her purse.

Investigators said they staged the purse in the same area where it was recovered and hid in waiting. They said a Dodge Avenger drove past the location and deputies tried to stop Jackson.

They said she didn’t stop and the pursuit began. The chase took Rankin County law enforcement officers across Highway 43 into Madison County. They said they notified Madison County authorities about the pursuit; Madison County deputies were waiting inside their jurisdiction on Highway 43, and they took the lead in the chase.

A Rankin County deputy ran off of the road and hit a tree stump. We’re told he had a scratch on his right arm from the accident.

Jackson lost control and wrecked near Stump Ridge Road and Highway 51. She was taken into custody.

Officials said the drugs they found in her purse weighed about 1.5 ounces.

Jackson will be charged with felony evading law enforcement, conspiracy to commit a crime, and numerous misdemeanor charges. She might also be facing charges in Madison County.

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